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ΝΙΚΗ, (18 min). 

Director: Ioulia Marina Sarantou, Alexandros Stergiou, Despoina Verrh, Evening High School - Lyceum Classes Mytilene.

The AegeanDocs Festival urged the young people of Lesbos to make their own films, aiming to promote their knowledge of cinema and also  to include at the AegeanDocs International Film Festival of 2015  films made by young people from the islands of the North Aegean.

The “Make your own film” section of the Festival is an established part of AegeanDocs and something that connects it with the islands’ local communities. This year it was organized in Lesvos and it will be hosted at other islands during the following years.

An insightful portrait of Greek politics. Nominated for Prix Europa 2013
Greece, 2012, 85 & 56 min
Director-producer: Marco Gastine
Co-directors-cinematographers: Katerina Patroni, Haris Raftoyannis, Christophe Georgoutsos, Nikolia Apostolou & Giannis Misouridis
Editor: Chronis Theocharis
Developped in Story Doc 2012
The 6 May 2012 parliamentary election was a historical moment for Greece, a challenge for its democracy. Following the campaign of four candidates (a socialist, a left radical, a conservative and a neo-Nazi), the film explores the local political practices and takes the pulse of a society deeply affected by the crisis.
Festival selections: Prix Europa, DocLisboa, FIPA, Sao Paolo IFF, Thessaloniki IDFF, Festival des Libertés, Medimed…
link trailer: https://youtu.be/MOUEb2sziKA
Time magazine has launched a documentary unit to create “deeply reported original films by award-winning filmmakers,” with an aim of launching at least one short doc a month online.
The documentary film “după FEL şi CHIP/AS YOU LIKE IT”, directed by: Paula Oneţ have been honored by the AWARD  of  the BEST ROMANIAN FILM at the Timishort Film Festival – Romania.
Story Doc is very pound because the film “As you Like It” developed in StoryDoc seminars 2012. 
see more: http://www.timishort.ro/

Infiltrators, a documentary about individuals and groups looking for various ways to get past Israeli checkpoints, has received the Special Jury Prize and the FIPRESCI honor for best documentary director for its helmer, Khaled Jarrar (pictured), at the ninth annual Dubai International Film Festival’s Muhr Awards ceremony.
This documentary developed in StoryDoc workshops 2011
Read more: http://realscreen.com/2012/12/17/infiltrators-wins-two-at-dubai-film-fest/#ixzz2FVnfSBHQ

THE VISIT: A Greek documentary film wins a Special Jury Award at The 2012 Greek Film Fest Chicago

Greece, 2012, 24 min

Writer/Director: Stella Alisanoglou
Producer: Stella Alisanogluou, Yiannis Karapiperidis

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