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schinoussa_posterIsabella Mavraki's documentary "Schinoussa the island of the rising sun" participated in the Greek Panorama & the 13th international doc market at Thessaloniki.Schinoussa is a beautiful island among the small eastern Cyclades at the Aegean sea.
Traillers of the film at the following link ( https://www.youtube.com/user/maisa2158 ) The full version is 72 minutes, for festival use and there is also a shorter version of 50-55 minutes, for the needs of TV broadcast slots.

March 2, 2010 at 14:00 (Central European Time). At the online EDN Video Conference Room.

EDN Online Pitching is a pitching format based on an online video conference, where a limited number of documentary projects are pitched. For this pitching session EDN is calling for historical documentary projects. Deadline is February 14, 2011.




 STORYDOC is proud to announce the screening of the documentary Shooting Vs Shooting in Athenians theaters (Danaos and STAR CITY) by the 8th of April. The film participated at Thessaloniki Film Festival. It is also selected fo Madrit Doc Festival and the Al Jazeera Documentaries Festival. The documentary has been developed  and awarded in StoryDoc 2009 workshop.
In a war, truth is always the first victim.' Greek philosopher Aeschylus wrote, many centuries back and until today, his quote stands. 
'Shooting vs Shooting' is an international documentary that revolves around the wrongful deaths of many journalists and media workers in Iraq from the beginning of the war in 2003 till nowdays.. 

thessalonikiMarch 16 - 20, 2011. Thessaloniki, Greece.

Docs in Thessaloniki is an international pitching forum and workshop offering an outstanding opportunity to create alliances for future collaborations. Here you will develop & pitch your project and network with European colleagues and financiers in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere. Submission deadline is on January 21, 2011

stoneThe third episode of the web documentary  Agnosti petra Stone Unbeknown is allready available in vimeo and youtube.The third episode is a part of a freshly released documentary web mini series, focusing on the music and dance tradition of Salento (Salentu in local dialect) in Terra d’ Otranto, the region covering the south-eastern extremity of the Apulia region of S. Italy. It is an independent Greek production. Watch  the episode :     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrIRPPOd8GA

On October 25 released by Feelgood Entertainment DVD of the movie "Habits". The film outlines the daily routine at the State School of Dance. The teaching of the laborious effort of the dancers, the successes and failures are presented through a dialogue between classical and modern dance.


return-to-the-land-of-soulsReturn to the land of Souls

by Jordi  Esteva

In the 21st century, many ancestral beliefs are struggling to survive in a hostile, fast-changing world. In southeast Ivory Coast, some Akan communities still make contact with the spirits through Komians or animistic priests who go into a trance and are possessed by the spirits of the Forest and the Waters.


galata1Galata bridge in Istanbul is a cosmos of Planet Galata – A Bridge in Istanbul

A crossmedia projekt by Florian Thalhofer and Berke Bas

The Galata bridge in Istanbul is a cosmos of its own. Between shops, restaurants and inrushes of tourists we meet people for who the bridge is home, hope and purpose in life.


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