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24 March 2008
Story Doc is specialized in providing background and know-how  for co-production  documentaries in the International scene. Its aim is to organize seminars and sessions for dignitary and new filmakers in a closed partnership with International Institutions and to provide consulting services for documentary development in all the producing steps from the idea to final cut and distribution to International market.

Chairman:  Tue Steen Muller (Denmark), Co-founder of European Documentary Network.
Emma Davie (UK), University of Edinburgh - Professor
Jordi Ambros (Spain), Director of TV3 Cataluna
Louise Rosen (USA), Distributor
Stan Neumann (Chech Republic), Filmmaker
Kathrin Brinkmann (Germany), ZDF television- Director
Antoinette Spielmann (France), ARTE Television - Director
George Khleifi (Palestine), Filmmaker, Producer
Diana El Jeirudi (Syria), Director Box-Dox Festival
Jasmina Metwaly (Egypt), Filmmaker