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10 May 2017
The third short documentary production workshop took place in Lebanon at Stars Cinema of Nabatieh on 22,23 and 24 of April. The project "Home New Home" is supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF).

5 countries are participating to create 10 films about 10 stories on refugees adventure: Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. The Arab Women Media Center from Amman, Jordan, Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society from Palestine, Yasar University from Izmir, Turkey, Story Doc from Greece and Istanbouli Theatre­ Tyro Association for Artists from Lebanon, are working together to make a movie with the aim to face the refugees crisis and to spread the values of mutual understanding and respect the Human Rights of the Refugees.

The aim of the project is the production of 10 short documentary films made up by youth with the theme “Home-New Home”. The project will be implemented by training and production workshops, public screenings and intercultural dialogue organized by the partners of the project, in their countries. With a series of training workshops (3 in each country) 5 groups of young people boys and girls -non filmmakers- will become familiar with the documentary storytelling and the basics in the use of cameras/sound.
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