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08 November 2016
Screened the internationally award-winning documentary by Marianna Economou

The Longest Run” presence  of herself, Professor Kostas Magos and the Director of the Centre" Return, "Dr. Fotini Milioni.

Also screened and discussed  two documentary, outcome of the AegeanDocs Documentary Workshop MAKE YOUR OUN FILM :  

 1.Half yard (20') by Panagiotis Vekris
mish gyardaThe architect Panagiotis Vekris observes Egyptian fishermen. The boat is their home. It Is the place where they work, they live their own, invisible to others..

2.            Just solidarity (16') 

Director: Efi Sialefri, who is, a civil servant in Lesvos.The amateur director presentedus Selina Kyriakou, a volunteer who has a lot to give and gives a lot to a voluntary collective of organizations and citizens.

The evening was moderated by Kostas Spyropoulos, Director of StorDoc and Documentary Festival "AegeanDocs"