27 February 2014

The Aegean Docs festival is funded by the local fund of the North Aegean local authority, with the support of the North Aegean University. The materialization of the production has been assigned to the non - profit cultural organization “Historical Documentary”, headed by Mr Kostas Spiropoulos who is also Artistic Director of the Aegean Docs Festival.

Each festival has an island of the north Aegean as its epicentre, Lesvos for 2013. The island hosted creators and producers of special documentaries, and the projection of these documentaries and all related activities and honorary festivities and speeches. The organizers of the festival used live - streaming technology to transmit parts of the festival and its activities to the islands of the north Aegean and other islands of the Aegean, wherever it was technically possible.

The festival entails social, political and cultural documentaries, using history as a tool of the contemporary human within the dimensions of the present and the past, more as a thorough look for analysis, than an academic vocation focused only in the past. The Aegean Docs festival presented well known and Oscar awarded creative productions of the western culture, but also productions from “the other side of the fence” from countries like Turkey, or from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. During the next stages, the Aegean Docs festival will present a variety of new documentaries, related to tourism, culture and the arts, and travelling activities.

  The Aegean Docs festival is not only focused upon films and documentaries. The Aegean University, except offering its personnel and valuable scientific and technical help, has organized the biggest educational program in the history of greek documentary festivals. Several hours of seminars about the film industry and documentaries are taught by university professors and well known and awarded directors, targeting the general public and all the people interested in learning. The seminars took place in all the six islands of the north Aegean Sea, wherever there are local branches and offices of the university.

Educational seminars for specific professional groups are organized not only by the university but also by the Aegean Docs festival, and by the non - profit organization “Historical Documentary”. The festival and all related to it organized also seminars for teachers and professors during 2013, using documentaries as an educational tool. One of the basic targets of the Aegean Docs festival during 2014 is to transform its functions and activities into an international hub of cultural exchanges, providing universities and other cultural and educational foundations in the United States, Australia, Europe and China, with documentaries and other visualized material. Europe needs this international cultural hub that is a major target for the Aegean Docs Festival, and can be used as a tool to promote specific forms of targeted cultural tourism in the islands of the north Aegean Sea.



Presiding Board: Athanasios Giakalis, North Aegean Governor

                            Paris Tsartas , Dean Aegean University

Organization:         Local North Aegean Fund

Organizational Coordinators:

Dimitris Protoulis, Director of North Aegean Development Fund

Giannis Skopeteas, Aegean University lecturer

Stratos Vougioukas, member North Aegean Development Fund

Production Materialization: “Istoriko Documentary” (Story Doc)

Artistic Director:                   Kostas Spyropoulos

Production manager :          Chara Lampidou

Seminars :                            Vasilis Loules

Press Office :                       Marinos Orfanos ,

                                             Dimitris Thomas

International Relations :       Stela Litou (Story Doc)

Public Relations and Secretarial Support: Vasiliki Agelopoulou

 Projections: Alexandros Spathis

Technical Support: Cultural Technology Department, Aegean University

Live Streaming:                    Panagiotis Papahiou

Screening Technicians:       Giannis Avgerinos

                                             Sofia Dioliani

                                             Alexis Maltas

                                             Babis Alifieris

                                             Stelios Hahamis

                                             Marios Giakalaras

Site - Vlasis Kasapakis:       Thoams Hatzidimitris

Subtitles-Translation:           Good Brothers Studios

Advertising banner:              Choose S.A.

Printing: Aegean Communication S.A.


Program Head:                    Vasilis Agelis

Scientific Director:               Giannis Skopeteas

Scientific Commission: Lenio Mirivili

                                     Irini Stathi

                                     Dimitris Papageorgiou

                                     Filimon Badimaroudis

                                     Nikos Boubaris

                                     Panagiotis Kiriakoulakos

                                    Giorgos Fesakis

Secretarial Support:     Maria Flatsousi