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08 November 2016
The life story of a 67 year old woman, Mrs Niki, immigrant in South Africa for 30 years, who has lived the experience of being foreign in a country, eye witnessed  the apartheid , from the side of white people,  but felt the need to meet and understand the culture of the black people. When she returned  in Greece she felt foreign in her own country. She returned to school through evening schools structures and Second Chance Schools. In those school she was both with greek and refugees. Her double experience - foreign in South Africa / foreign in her own country - is useful to the directors in order to penetrate the problem Migration and Minorities and document the social contribution of lifelong learning structures not only on the personal development of beneficiaries, but also to social integration, migrants, through education. The film tells the adventures of ther beautiful life.

The directorial team of the movie are teachers and students of the Evening High School - Lyceum Classes Mytilene. The group consists of three teachers ( Ioulia Marina Sarantou, English Literature Teacher, Efthimia Petanidou, Sociologist and Despoina Verrh, Philologist) and five adult students (Panagiwths Tinellhs, Alexandros Stergiou, Sotiria Yianni, Mirsini Intze, Efthimia Miari)

The film is part of the Roma Minority-tribute - Intercultural education and is implemented under the Operational Programme "Development of Human Resources Training and Lifelong Learning»ΕΣΠΑ - "ΑνάπτυξηΑνθρώπινουΔυναμικούΕκπαίδευσηκαιΔιάΒίουΜάθηση"
 and funded by the European Union and national funds.

Link: http://www.aegeandocs.gr/en/?p=2092