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04 April 2011

Schinoussa is an island endowed with natural beauty, part of the Small Eastern Cyclades complex, at the Aegean Sea.
At times the island was abandoned by its inhabitants. Since the mid-19th century began to be inhabited by families mainly from Amorgos.The islanders consider themselves descendants of pirates.  Through the testimonies of older who lived in Schinoussa we see an island beautiful and untouched, but also tough and difficult, no electricity, no boats, no school. Today a different world, with other requirements, creates a new island.. In the film there is no narrator. Everything is told by the people of the island. Through their stories we learn the history of the location and current state. The island is changing style and color depending on the season.We recorded the daily lives of residents during the winter period (occupations of residents, school life, leisure, holidays, etc.) and the intense summer life, culminating in the fifteenth of August with the traditional festivals and cultural events where citizens of Schinoussa are known for their traditional music and art activities. In addition to the culinary skills with excellent local products such as meat, fish, cheese, beans, vegetables, etc.
The French director Philip Baronet shot in1979 a documentary about Schinoussa, and he kindly gave us permission to use several of his shots. We have also used material from Manoussos Manoussakis documentary “Travelling with Evangelistria” that was

shot by cinematographer Dinos Katsouridis in 1985.So the difference between now and then is obvious.