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20 December 2010

stoneStone Unbeknown is the title of a freshly released documentary web mini series, focusing on the music and dance tradition of Salento (Salentu in local dialect) in Terra d’ Otranto, the region covering the south-eastern extremity of the Apulia region of S. Italy. It is an independent Greek production, expected to be concluded in 2011.


The idea came up in November 2008, while the director Stella Alisanoglou was travelling together with the music group encardia in Corigliano D’ Otranto, where she met with local musicians and had the unique opportunity to discuss with them, but also sing and dance with them during the traditional feast that was given in honour of the Greek group. “I was listening to their music 24 hrs a day in my head. I was completely taken”, says the director, who ever since follows the group in their concerts and tours. In order to prepare her documentary, Stella Alisanoglou travelled many more times to Salento, where she came in contact with local folklore specialists as well as with poets and musicians.


The first shots were experimental and were made with a simple DV camera; the recording was carried up with the simple use of the fly-on-the-wall technique. Afterwards, the director called the encardia group to discuss on how the recorded material should be treated upon.

Watch       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrIRPPOd8GA

During that phase of production, director Yiannis Karapiperidis came practically like a deus ex machina, to help from an artistic and a technical perspective –mainly on the various interviews but extremely during post production. Stella Alisanoglou and Yiannis Karapiperidis do not believe that you need an expensive equipment to produce an artistically decent result. And that is why they decided to take the challenge of concluding this marvelous journey on the internet and spreading the relevant news on the web as well. From that point of view, they are avoiding using traditional means of distributing a complete film and they are expecting to promote their work and to communicate with their viewers in a direct way.

And that is the reason they created a web-blog, where all the upcoming episodes will be released, along with additional info.



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