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26 October 2010
"Habits" - Movie Dance Gerasimos Rigas

    Filmed with immediacy the film avoids the narrative and leaves the leading role in the body and dance.                  
    The film ends with the performance of
    students showing its four choreographies: "Night Journey, Daughters of the Night Chorus" of Martha Graham, "A Choreographic Offering" of
    Jose Limon, "Canonic ¾ Study" and Mark Morris's "Bolero" by Pascal Rioult.

The casket containing 2pli collector DVD of the movie cut scenes from the teaching and Risa Steinberg D. Kaminari and slideshow pictures.The cover is designed by Vladimir Levidis. The film screened at the Festival of Turin (2005) will be available from the Feelgood Entertainment in the video club, bookstores and record stores across the country at a price of 14,90 €.