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23 July 2012
Athens Storydoc 2012 - 1rst session
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Projects awarded with SCHOLARSHIPS are:

1. IHO - Eliza Zdru - Romania
2. PICCOLE TRANSGRESSIONI - Uli Decker & Felippe Frozza - Germany
3. PRICE OF A DAUGHTER - Stavros Papageorgiou & Yeliz Shukri - Cyprus
4. FATHER LAND - Sara Ishaq – Scottland-UK
5. ON THE PATH OF BEES - Paula Onet - Romania

 Runner up: MORE THAN A NUMBER -Vitor Hugo Costa - Portugal


Mikael Opstrup, Head of Studies at STORYDOC and EDN Head of Studies, Director and Producer/Denmark
Emma Davie, Head of Tutors at StoryDoc, Documentary Maker and Professor   at Edinburgh College of Art-UK
Kostas Spyropoulos, founder of STORYDOC-Greece
Michel Demopoulos, former Director of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and Consultant and Programmer at ERT-Greece
Philippe van Meerbeeck, Strategic Policy Advisor for digital content projects at VRT-Belgium  
Diana El Jeiroudi, Filmmaker, Producer, Distributor and Promoter PROACTION FILM-Syria
Eva Stefani, Director, professor at University of Athens and at New York University-Greece
Stan Neumann, generalist and director/editor-France
Gena Teodosievska, Commissioning Editor of MKRTV/F.Y.R.O.M
Marco Gastine, Producer, Filmmaker and screenwriter – France
Vassilis Loules, Director - Greece


-mikael opstrup  Mikael Opstup "Trailers"

This lecture was almost entirely visual with very little comments and not based on a script, so the following is a brief on the different inspirational trailers screened-
Trailers should be as different and the films and therefore I’d like to show you some different trailers that reflects the same variety as the variety in finished films.

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Image  Diana El Jeirudi "Filmmakers At Times Of Political Change"

DOX BOX as Documentary Film festival was the meeting points for filmmakers in Syria. 
Filmmakers and audiences were inspired by screening of films such as BURMA VJ in DOX BOX and the debate around the "filmmaking" of the film itself. 
When the revolution started, documentary became a tool and a form for activists work.  
I am mostly interested in the challenges facing "filmmakers" but also "filmmaking", beyond the reality of Syria, to the whole world.

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emma davie2012  EMMA DAVIE “How local stories become international”
The term inspirational talk- is quite daunting. 
The very word inspire is dubious- suggesting that a visitation from the muses is all we need to make work which will travel and do well internationally. We all know this is not the case.

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stan neumann   Stan Neumann : "Magining/Shooting/Editing"

Film making is an organic process. In a certain way the finished film is already there in the first spark of the idea of the film to be, often years before the work is actually completed.

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philippe van meerbeeck   Philippe Van Meerbeeck: "TV of Tomorrow"

My name is PVM, I'm working as a strategic policy coordinator for VRT, the public broadcaster in Belgium-Flanders.
My background is social communication, many years in documentary, as as writer, producer, CE.

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