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15 May 2012
Call for observers in StoryDoc workshop,Athens 5-8 June
Call for observers for StoryDoc workshop, Athens June 5-8
ImagePrestigious directors, professors from Universities from Europe and Greece, producers and Commissioning Editors and documentary consultants, present an extensive program of lectures during the four days of the workshop for documentary filmmakers in Athens, June 5-8 at the Goethe Institute.
A variety of subjects will be covered such as:

"When a Local Story Becomes International", by Emma Davie,
"Trailers – Examples for Inspiration" by Mikael Opstrup,
"The TV Landscape of Tomorrow", by Philippe van Meerbeeck,
"Working as Director Beyond TV Remits", by Eva Stefani and Emma Davie,
"To Shoot from the Editors Perspective", by Stan Newmann.

A special public event will be dedicated in depth with one theme : "Being a Documentary Filmmaker in Times of Political Changes". Exemplified by Syria and Greece,by Diana El Jeroudi from DOX –BOX Damascus, Syria & Markos Gastin from Greece.

A call for observers is open now.
The cost is 100 euros per person. For students the cost is 50 euros.
Deadline for applications is May 30.
Applications via Internet: Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Read more for the detailed program of the workshop.

Image   STORYDOC, Athens 5 – 8 June 2012 - Schedule Program 
  June 5th 
   9:30 Welcome, introduction to workshop
 10:00 Participants and tutors introduce themselves
 11:00 Inspirational lecture,
           When a Local Story Becomes International. by Emma Davie 
 12:00 Coffee Break 
 12:30 Group work 1 
 14:00 Lunch
 15:30 Group work 1 continued 
 17:30 Inspirational lecture Trailers – Examples for Inspiration. by Mikael Opstrup
                                          19:00 End of Day
One Note for the GROUPS: 6 groups, 4 projects & 2 tutors in each group Same groups all day : same projects and same tutors. Each project will get approx. 50 minutes

June 6th
9:30 Inspirational lecture The TV Landscape of Tomorrow, by Phillipe van Meerbeeck
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Group work 2 6 groups, 4 projects & 2 tutors in each group
13:30 Lunch 14:45 Inspirational lecture Working as Director Beyond TV Remits. by Eva Stefani in conversation with Emma Davie
16:30 Participants present their projects in plenary, verbal and visual presentation
18:30 End of Day Two Note for the

Image   GROUPS: 6 groups: 4 projects & 2 tutors in each group.
   Projects stay together 2 and 2 from Day 1.
   For example: 2 projects from group 1 and 2 projects from group 2. This means that each project can follow and comment on the development of 1 project and will meet 2 new projects. 
   All groups have a new tutor pair. Same groups all day means same projects and same tutors. Each project will get approx. 45 minutes

June 7th

 9:30 In depth with the theme Being a Documentary Filmmaker in Times of Political Changes. Exemplified by Syria and Greece. By Diana El Jeroudi & Markos Gastin Arab Uprising and Crisis in Europe Filmmakers or Eyewitness?
12:00 Coffee Break
12:30 Individual meetings
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Individual meetings continued 16:30 Inspirational lecture To Shoot from the Editors Perspective by Stan Newmann
18:30 End of Day three.

  Each tutor meets individually with 1 project ½ hour. With 3 hours for individual meetings this means: Each project meets 6 tutors.
  Tutors meet with projects they have not met in the group work. This means that all projects will meet 10 out of 12 tutors during the whole workshop. 
  When projects don’t have meetings they can work individually with their preparation for plenary pitch next day.

June 8th
 9:30 Plenary pitch and summing up project by project. 10 minutes per project.
13:30 Farewell lunch.